RULEMATCH – The interface

An overview of the RULEMATCH interface and its capabilities

05 June 2024

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The RULEMATCH interface is designed to serve the specific needs of banks, securities firms and their institutional clients.



Account management

Within the participant section of the RULEMATCH interface, users have a broad overview of their account structure, including organizations, accounts and user profiles, with their granular permissions. The sophisticated account structure enables prime brokerage through sponsored access to the RULEMATCH trading venue.

Trading operations

Participants may trade through the configurable trading interface of RULEMATCH with a range of order types and time-in-force/triggering conditions. They may also connect to the trading venue via industry-standard access protocols FIX 4.4/5.0SP2 as well as Nasdaq’s binary protocols ITCH/OUCH. The latter allow for ultra-low latency trading at speeds down to 30 microseconds.

Collateral, margining, clearing and settlement

Through the treasury dashboard of the RULEMATCH interface, participants track the current trading, clearing and settlement cycles together with the multilaterally netted obligations and entitlements for each cycle.  Additional views also present an overview of the participant’s collateral portfolio and a comprehensive analysis of the margining calculations in real time.


Participants can access a wide range of reports covering trading, collateral, clearing, settlement entitlements and obligations as well as assets in custody, pending withdrawals and more.

More information about trading, clearing and settlement operations on the RULEMATCH trading venue can be found here.