RULEMATCH on Metaco Talks

Digital Asset Trading for Financial Institutions

10 February 2024

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On Tuesday, 6 February 2024, RULEMATCH CEO David Riegelnig was a guest on the Metaco Talks podcast. The session was hosted by Metaco Chief Growth Officer Seamus Donoghue.

Their discussion focused on the recent launch of RULEMATCH and the developing theme of institutional interest in crypto and digital assets – including some of the often overlooked factors that are important to banks, securities firms and their institutional clients such as hedge funds and high-frequency traders.

RULEMATCH and Metaco are partners and the Metaco Harmonize system fully integrated into the RULEMATCH venue for the secure handling of crypto assets on fully-segregated wallets for both trading and post-trading activities.

During the interview, several key topics were covered:

[1:08] David Riegelnig’s background and experience with Bitcoin and Ethereum

[3:40] Experience of barriers to crypto adoption by banks

[4:49] The key focus areas of RULEMATCH

[6:27] The importance of “playing by the rules]

[8:16] Trust models and market integrity in crypto

[11:04] Counterparty risk and serving high-frequency traders

[14:30] RULEMATCH’s rulebook and approach to fairness

[16:56] Focus on ultra-low latency trading

[20:16] RULEMATCH’s geographical focus

[21:48] Post-trade settlement, netting and clearing

[23:40] Trade-offs between efficiency of centralized trading and decentralization

[25:21] Post-trade settlement and cross-custodial integration

[28:09] Perspectives on stablecoins and overblown “de-dollarization”

[32:26] Massive opportunity for tokenization

For more information about the RULEMATCH trading venue, visit the venue overview page here. For details about trading operations, collateral and margining and post-trade clearing and settlement visit the trading documentation page here.

Watch the full session here: